Product Introduction

14 new items have arrived, including the Rime series with beautiful penetrations.

January flew by so fast.... Well, here are some new products for you this week. We recommend Ichihara porcelain the ...

Shipping Delay due to Snow

The record cold wave has made deliveries impossible in many areas. Customers in the affected areas are still waiting for...

Great Deal! Heat-resistant glass two-handled soup bowls and 8 other new items in stock!

Yamani receives new products on Tuesdays. Come see Yamani on Tuesday! Now, new items this week. We recommend "the he...

[new start] Living alone All you need is this! How to prepare the basics and recommended tableware

In the spring of your new life, many of you may be living alone or moving to a new house and want to start from scratch ...

Great Deal! 22 new items in stock, including a pasta dish that looks like a flower!

The year 2023 has begun! Yamani is open from January 5. What kind of year will 2023 be, let's all do our best to make ...

Let’s start spring from tableware! Beautiful vessels with “Sakura” motifs

We would like to welcome spring with a bright heart by adding a little accent to our dining table with a motif of "cherr...
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