Various bargain items! 35 new items in stock!

Product Introduction

It has been getting much hotter recently.
It looks like the rain will continue from next week, so is the rainy season finally here?
The rainy season is the time when the stiffness of cardboard boxes? This is the season when care needs to be taken with packaging as it loses its elasticity.

Now, new items this week.
We have 35 items in stock, a large number of bargain items!

This week’s recommendation: the Spada Blue Line 21 cm plate.

Stylish Mino ware with blue lines.
This time, as it is discontinued, it is sold at a bargain price.

Designed for commercial use and made slightly thicker.


There are others.

We have 35 new items in stock this week, including a variety of bargain items plus some new staples!


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