Cute coffee glasses with handles and 61 other new items are now in stock.

Product Introduction

The mood is that the rainy season is finally coming.
It is a cloudy day in Mizunami City today.

Now, there are 61 new items this week, which is a lot.
One of the best is the liqueur coffee glass with cute round handles and legs.

This week’s recommendation: liqueur coffee glasses with cute round handles and legs.


Sleek and simple coffee glass with legs for a luxurious look. Iced coffee or a parfait from a coffee shop go well with it.


The body has a handle, which is good for holding hot drinks without getting hot.
The glass has a solid thickness and weight, making it stable when held in the hand.


The elevated part is also uniquely designed and cute!

There are others.

A heap of 61 new items this week.
It might be a bit hard to see them all…

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Side story

This section looks back to the past because there are no stories to tell.

It happened last year, in June 2023.

Mizunami mayoral election Open debate (before the opening of the election)

In June 2023, the Mizunami Junior Chamber of Commerce organised a public debate for the Mizunami mayoral election.
It was held at short notice, so it was quite a lot of work.


At Osu Kannon, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

Irresistible to pigeons.
After this, my arms were covered in claw marks and it was terrible lol.
Please be careful, everyone.


Oda Pottery celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Oda Pottery, which has always been a great help to us, celebrated its 100th anniversary.
It’s already been three years since then.


Collaboration project between Chigonoiwa Brewery and Daitoa Ceramics.

I bought some sake from a collaborative project between Chigonoiwa Sake Brewery and Daitoa Ceramics.
The white porcelain cups were fresh and cute and the sake was delicious.


A car had crashed in front of the warehouse and we had to fix it.
Thank goodness no one was hurt or anything.

These were pictures of June events from the past five years.
See you next week!



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