Recommended Curry Plates by miyama.

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In this issue, we introduce Miyama’s recommended curry dishes.

Table of contents.

Here is what we are going to introduce.

  1.  hanahiramukou 24cm Coupe plate with Namakoyu (sea cucumber glaze)
  2.  plue 23cm Pasta bowl with iron-black glaze
  3.  cavea Curry dish with white porcelain
  4. mizumizu Oval bowl, 9 (approx. 3.03 cm)
  5. haku Bowl M Opal Green
  6. cotori Multi Bowl Yellow Matte
  7. cavea 25cm deep round dish
  8. piatto Table spoon Pink

Curry, an all-around dish.

Summer is the time for curry! The sun shines brilliantly in summer. The heat makes you feel and look tired.
It is precisely because it is such a summer season that we are trying to combat summer fatigue with spicy curry and rice.

In the fall, with curry!
Mushrooms, pumpkins, potatoes, salmon, and many other seasonal ingredients are in season in autumn.
Enjoy the delicious and delightful autumn flavors with curry and rice.

In winter, curry is! In winter, when the weather gets colder, people miss warm curry.
After returning home with a cold body, the steam from the curry on the table whets the appetite.

It’s spring, so curry! New year, new life, and many other new things in spring.
Curry and rice will bring you back to your daily life with a sense of relief.

In the end, you will always want to eat curry and rice. What kind of vessel goes well with such a year-round presence of curry?
This Miyama curry bowl is recommended for both adults and children.

①hanahiramukou 24㎝ Coupe plate with Namakoyu (sea cucumber glaze) -east meets west-

ハナヒラムコウ 24cmクーププレート 海鼠釉

The “rim” is the ring-shaped flat area on the edge of the dish. Among these shapes, which are common in classic Western tableware, the deep ones are called “rim-coupe plates.

Hanahiramukou vessels are based on this classic Western tableware style with a rim, but the soft pentagonal outline design gives them a casual atmosphere that is in harmony with everyday life.

This vessel, while based on Western style, is also used in Japan for everyday use, just like curry, which is now considered a national dish, even though it originated in a foreign country.

Among them, this 24cm coupe plate is easy to serve curry and rice due to its wide and deep serving surface, and most importantly, it is easy to scoop.

This dish is recommended for everyday use as a curry dish, both for its atmosphere and functionality.

【about the glaze tints】
Namakoyu (sea cucumber glaze) is the name of the type of glaze used to decorate the surface of the vessel. This shade, with fine white crystalline flecks in a deep ocean-like indigo color, gets its name from its close proximity in color. This glaze was introduced from China and passed down as a traditional Japanese tableware color.

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②plue 23㎝ Pasta bowl, iron black glaze – for curry & rice , for pasta.

plue(プルー)23㎝パスタボウル 鉄くろ釉

Although it calls itself a pasta dish, this time it is introduced as a curry dish. As a rule of thumb, pasta and curry can be used on the same plate if they are used at home.
In other words, a good curry plate is also a good pasta plate.

This plue series is also what is called a “rim plate,” a dish with a flat surface on the edge of the plate. While the form is simple and crisp, it has been made as light as possible, making it a vessel that can be used as a daily staple.
Two shades are available: “iron black glaze” with a subdued texture and “white porcelain glaze” with a standard whiteness. Please choose your favorite shade.

【about glazes】
“Iron black glaze (right)” The rusty iron-like texture created by adding iron raw materials to the glaze and oxidizing and firing it, accepts light and has a subdued texture.
“White Porcelain Glaze (left)” A standard white glaze that contains a large amount of vitreous in the glaze and is made translucent by reduction firing at 1,340 degrees Celsius.

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Iron black glaze is in preparation for publication (sorry).

③cavea Curry dish, white porcelain -simple is best-

cavea カレー皿 白磁

Width 24cm, Depth 17cm, Height 4.5cm
A minimalist, simple, and elliptical curry dish with no waste.

This is a curry dish within a curry dish that is made only for curry, which was created by comparing the sizes of various so-called curry dishes, such as the curry dishes used in silverware from long ago, and finding this one to be the best in terms of size.

So pasta may be a little unsuitable only with regard to this dish.
But I recommend it for a curry dish!

【dish dedicated to curry is circular】 While most plates are shaped like a regular circle, many curry dishes have traditionally been circular. Is it a remnant from silverware? A round plate is perfect for curry and rice.

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④mizu-mizu Oval bowl size 9 -Conveniently used long bowl as a vessel for curry-


Width 28cm Depth 14cm Height 5cm

The thin, long, deep bowl is a vessel for enjoying curry well. “Double curry,” in which rice is served in the middle with a different curry on either side, is also a no-brainer.

The long and narrow shape makes it easy to eat facing each other on the table. And they stack well, so you can slip them into any available space on a storage shelf!

Designer Rina Ono and Oda Pottery and Miyama have crossed the boundaries between manufacturers to create dishes that harmonize with everyday dining.

深山 miyama. 瑞々

【mizu-mizu project】
The designers, Rina Ono, Oda Pottery, which specializes in white porcelain round vessels made in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, and Miyama, which also specializes in white porcelain shaped vessels made in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, attempted to create vessels that are in harmony with daily life while respecting tradition.

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⑤haku bowl M opal green -Versatile deep bowl like a donburi-

haku(ハク)ボウルM オパールグリーン

This bowl is 6.5 cm deep and looks like a “donburi” (rice bowl). This bowl is perfect for various rice dishes other than curry.
The thinning of some parts, such as the circular reliefs on the sides, gives it a very light finish.

The recommended shades are “Opal Green,” an ethnic style perfect for curry, and “White (porcelain),” a standard color that can be used with any dish. The gorgeous colors brighten and enliven the dining table.

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⑥cotori Multi-bowl yellow mat -Kids’ Favorite Curry Rice Vessel-

コトリ マルチボウル イエローマット

Curry rice is a favorite of children. This is a cute vessel that allows you to eat beautifully while making such a time enjoyable. Multi-bowl from the cotori series.

It is a multi-bowl, so it can be used not only for curry and rice, but also for omelette rice, spaghetti, or even dessert.

Enjoy your mealtime even more! The curly-eyed cotori is watching you.

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⑦cavea 25cm deep round dish

cavea 25cm丸深皿

Hakkai Jozo, a sake brewery known by the name ” Hakkaisan”. Under the supervision of Yuri Ishimatsu, a nutritionist who has supported the diet of top athletes, the company has created a fermented curry called “Karada Maintenance Curry” using fermentation technology and vegetables from the fertile climate of Uonuma City in Niigata Prefecture, which is served in the company cafeteria, which is also partially open to the general public. The curry is served at the company cafeteria, which is partially open to the general public.

This curry dish is to be used there. Despite its generous size of 25 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm in depth, the serving portion is flat, so you can serve both regular and large servings in a well-balanced manner.

In order to emphasize the harmony of a wide range of dishes, we placed emphasis on the appeal of the white porcelain material and the structure that can be handled lightly, and finished the form as simply as possible without any ornate decoration.
This large curry dish is versatile enough to be used with pasta or as a serving dish for side dishes.

深山 miyama. cavea

【ease of holding】
The “tiers” on the outer sides of the plate make it easy to hold even large plates.

深山 miyama. cavea

【also for pasta】
To harmonize with a wide range of dishes, the bowls are simply finished, seeking the charm of the ingredients and the serenity of the details.

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+⑧ piatto tablespoon – pink

ピアット テーブルスプーン ピンク

A spoon made of porcelain. Porcelain spoons are rare.
Of course, if dropped, it will crack, but there is no smell of the material as there is with metal. It is also characterized by the fact that the smell does not seep through as it does with wood products, so the flavor of the meal can be enjoyed as it is.

If you are still worried about the texture of porcelain, imagine the porcelain “renge” used for ramen noodles. The tablespoon is about 18 cm wide, just the right size for curry and rice.

ピアット テーブルスプーン ピンク

【characteristics of porcelain material】
The surface is coated with glass, so it does not give off the smell of the material as metal does. It can be used hygienically because it does not smell like wood products and is easy to clean. Furthermore, the scoop faces upward when placed on the table, so it can be used during meals without staining the table.

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