【Father’s Day】 Six “Tableware Sets” that show off your attention to detail and sense of style.

Side story

A gift for the father you usually take care of. Food and sweets are great gifts, but we want to give something that can be used in everyday life and that will remain in a tangible form. That’s why we would like to introduce you to a set of “tableware” that you can give to your favorite father.

・【Boxed 6-piece set】 Soy Sauce Dish with Tilted Bottom – Family sets

“I hope you always stay well!” If you want to give your father a gift of health as well, this is the one for you. As shown in the photo, the slanted bottom of the bowl allows soy sauce to pool on one side, and the slit allows the soy sauce to be cut off quickly and easily.↓


・【Boxed set of 2】Fuji Mug Cup – Blue Fuji & Red Fuji Gift Set

Fuji is a realistic idea mug that looks as if it were made directly from Mt.

The rough, slightly earthy texture is also very tasteful.


・【Boxed set of 2 patterns】 Chidorizukushi 9.5cm small dish set – Ume chidori & Fuji chidori

This small dish features a cute pop design of the traditional Japanese pattern “Chidori”.

The figure flying away from the house is relaxing with a sense of weakness. It would make a cute table accent.


・【Boxed Gifts】 Bellows Flair Dripper & Holder – Cafe Brown

The dark hue and gorgeous appearance. A perfect gift for the coffee-loving father.

The unique corrugated shape, like a bellows, creates an ideal space between the dripper and filter. This stabilizes extraction and maximizes the extraction of coffee bean components.


・【Boxed Gifts】 Platinum Blue – cold sake drinking vessel set

Sake cups with a sparkling jewel-like shine. When alcohol is poured, light reflects off the hexagonal walls and shines like a jewel.
Each piece is carefully crafted by artisans using the “Pressure cast” method. There is a cute “swallow” imprint at the bottom. It would be a very premium Father’s Day if you pour him a glass of chilled sake with gold dust or something.

The folded box of the set is also very beautiful.


・【Boxed Gifts】JYUZAN Blanche cup M – set of pairs Lavender & Vanilla

The cup is impressive with its elegant three legs. It can be used as a teacup or dessert cup.
The warmth of handwork is added to the inorganic, simple shape, giving it a slightly casual look. The moist, matte texture is also a particular concern.

Each of the individually handmade vessels is rustic yet unique. You can enjoy the one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind flavor.


How about a recommended set of vessels for Father’s Day?
Show your appreciation to your precious father with a gift filled with taste and attention to detail.


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