New patterns for Shichita! 99 other new items in stock!

Product Introduction

Calendar July.
I suddenly realised that 2024 is half over…
I feel like it has passed faster than ever before.
It’s frightening how fast time flies.

Now, 99 items this week, with many new products! We recommend the ‘Cat Trio’. A new pattern has appeared in Shichita (ΦωΦ).

This week’s recommendation: the Shichita Cat Trio series.

シチタ 猫トリオシリーズ

This is a cute plate with three cats that stare at you.

Three shapes are available.

Shichita Cat Trio 14 cm relief plate.

Shichita Cat Trio 17 cm relief plate.

Shichita Cat Trio 14 cm relief bowl

The size is recommended for serving dishes and snack plates.

There are others.

There are 99 new items this week due to a combination of factors.
Please take your time to browse.


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