Attractive old pattern! Oda Pottery 24 new items from the Kissho series are now in stock.

Product Introduction

I bought a SUP the other day to take advantage of the sale.
And then I realised that there is a place where you can play with SUP in a rather close neighbourhood.
I’m happy because I feel like I’ve found a local attraction that I hadn’t noticed before.

Now, new this week is Oda Pottery’s Kissho series.

This week’s recommendation: Oda Pottery, Kissho series.

Oda Pottery’s Kissho series, with its sullenly cute old pattern.
Newly launched products.

小田陶器 吉祥シリーズ

In addition to the plates, the buckwheat noodle cups are also cute.
The pattern is moulded into shape, giving it a different sense of depth to prints.

小田陶器 吉祥シリーズ

The reverse seal is printed ‘ODA POTTELY’.
Made in Japan, of course.

小田陶器 吉祥シリーズ

There are six patterns in total.

小田陶器 吉祥シリーズ

The design is likely to be popular with foreign visitors travelling to Japan from abroad.
Can be recommended for sales overseas.

List of Kissho series

The Kissho series consists of 24 items in different patterns and shapes.

Side story

SUP was enjoyed in Kasagi Gorge. (Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan)


Kasagi-gorge is where the Polish canoe team had its pre-camping during the Tokyo Olympics.

Lots of canoes.

There were also many canoeists on the day.

From the other side of the river.

The water in the Kiso River is still cold, but you can at least put your feet in it.
However, it is not a river you can swim in, so we enjoyed it while being careful.


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