About Us

We deliver the Japanese Mino-yaki & tableware to the world.


We are a wholesale company mainly dealing in pottery & Mino-yaki.
Our company founded in 1951 and handles Mino-yaki for a long time.
Currently it mainly exports to Europe, America and Asia.
Handled items are handled widely, including Mino-yaki, other dishes and kitchenware.
We are glad if you can see Japanese attractive dishes and kitchenware.

About our company Yamani

Established in 1951.
Our company is a wholesale company dealing with Mino-yaki, cutlery, and kitchenware.
We are wholesale to about 200 dealers, restaurants and hotels in Japan and abroad.
We stock more than 1000 items in the warehouse.

Name of Company: Yamani Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Tadamitsu Kogiso
Address: 6947-1, Toki-cho, Mizunami-City, Gifu, JAPAN

The warehouse constantly stocks approximately 2,000 items.

Yamani warehouse

Yamani warehouse


About shipment

We are packing for export in consideration of impact during transportation.
Use outer boxes high density corrugated cardboard which increased strength for export.
Cardboard and bubble wrap sheets are used for product protection.
Shipping is compliant with EMS and international parcels.
We also support deliveries to designated domestic ports. Contact us for details.

We can ship to your store worldwide.
Please take a look at our product catalog.


Please consider stocking up. Ordering is easy through our website!

Wholesale for oversea

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