Product Introduction

Cutlery rests that look like paperweights and 10 other new items are now in stock!

Last week was the field day. Finally, the type of athletic event that you can actually go see is back! Last year it was ...
Product Introduction

14 new items are now in stock, including the new shape of the Miyama suzune series and bargain items.

Last weekend was an adult soccer tournament. Both my legs are sore and my muscles are very sore. Now, new items this ...

Dishes that do not collect water in the back『Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate』【Convenient in dishwasher】

Hello! this is Yamani. In this issue, we introduce the functionality of the tableware. The spotlight will be on the "...

Special feature on gardening items to “add color to your table or garden!”

Hello! This is Yamani. Yamani used to specialize in tableware, but has recently started handling gardening items such...
Product Introduction

Pale pink is cute! 10 new items of suzune series are now in stock!

Last weekend was the national convention of the Junior Chamber of Japan. It was a long way to Oita Prefecture, but I we...
Product Introduction

Five new items have arrived, including a dish with an impressive comb pattern.

Well, now it is October. The year 2022 has flown by so far. Only 3 months to go. Let's keep up the good work! Now, we r...
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