Product Introduction

Miyama’s new shape pots and 17 other new items are now in stock.

It's the last Tuesday in September... I thought it was Wednesday! I was so careless that I got the day of the week wron...
Product Introduction

“Yamani” has it all! Authentic coffee items

I want to have real coffee at home, just like in a store! I want to open a cafe, but can't I get everything I need here...

Moroccan series and 31 other new items are in stock now!

September will be in its second half before we know it. How fast....... This week we have 31 new items in stock, incl...

25 new items are now in stock, including one-pointed kitchen cloths that make you feel good!

Gasoline is expensive: 193 yen per liter...! I've never seen it this high before, so when I think about it again, it's ...

Various coffee cups! 37 other new items in stock!

It is the first Tuesday in September. Let's keep up the good work this month! Let's go! Now, new this week. This wee...
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