Product Introduction

Shinzangama Yamatsu ground_grip has 14 new items in stock, including new shapes.

It's just before March, and it's starting to feel a bit like spring these days. I'm starting to feel a little hay fever...
Product Introduction

Simple design muddlers and 31 other new items in stock.

It's suddenly getting warmer. March is already just around the corner. Cherry blossom viewing season is finally here..! ...
Product Introduction

Various bargain tableware! 28 new items in stock!

Cat meme videos are popular on TikTok and You Tube! I planned to make a cat meme video with Mino ware to follow the boo...

Notice of price revision ( Shinzangama Yamatsu)

Thank you very much for your continued support. Today we would like to inform you about the price revision of Shinzanga...
Product Introduction

New series ‘mimi’ and 12 other new items are now in stock.

Well, February has started! This February is a leap year. Leap years are there to adjust for the fact that the Earth's...
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