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Chameleon grilling tongs and 41 other new items in stock!

It's late March and it's been cold and rainy this year. The cherry blossoms usually bloom around this time, but I wonde...
Product Introduction

Pond Cute! Underwater Tanken series and 33 other new items now in stock.

Last week was the Ceramic Valley Craft Camp (known as CCC). It was the first time Yamani had a stall. Thank you to all ...
Product Introduction

Sakura mini cutlery and 31 other new items now in stock.

There are 31 new items this week. Our recommendation is the WAGOKORO YOUJI SAKURA, as we are finally entering the cherr...
Product Introduction

Various bargain items! 27 new items in stock!

We've been a family hermit for a while now because there's nothing to do on holiday. The kids are getting older and we ...
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