Pond Cute! Underwater Tanken series and 33 other new items now in stock.

Product Introduction

Last week was the Ceramic Valley Craft Camp (known as CCC).
It was the first time Yamani had a stall. Thank you to all the customers who visited our stall!
This week’s recommendation is the ‘Underwater Tanken Series’ with cute ponds, ducks, fish and dogs.

This week’s recommendation: the Underwater Tanken series.


Very cute with a loose touch.


They seem to be looking into the pond and swimming.
Fish are cute too.


This one appears to be fishing.


Made in Japan, Mino ware.


If the soup is not clear, it is swamp-like.

 There are others.

In addition to the Underwater Tanken series, the Wami series and Awasaka’s Chef’s Ware series have also arrived this week!

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Side story

A little bit of what the CCC looks like.

Gates of Ceramic Valley Craft Camp

Ceramic Valley Craft Camp gate, awesome and magnificent!


The main stage-like structure is slightly right of centre in the photo.
I really liked the way it was decorated with santeners (large plastic boxes) to give it a ceramic-related feel.
I forgot to take a close-up photo…
Also, the headquarters in front of the gate was very nice, too, as it was decorated with sun tenons.


It seems that there were around 250 shops on the day.
There were many shops, all different and unique.
The artists’ corner was particularly interesting.

Yamani’s shop

This time, Yamani brought Nordic blue, picture frame-like vessels and the MIMI series.
It’s cute! I was so happy to hear that.

I got this one right too.


We also had a good lunch.
The food booths and the main stage were quite far away from each other, which made it a bit difficult lol.


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