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Product Introduction

It’s late March and it’s been cold and rainy this year.
The cherry blossoms usually bloom around this time, but I wonder if they will bloom in April this year.

Now, there are 41 new items this week.
We recommend the Chameleon Yakiniku Tongs.

This week’s recommendation: chameleon grill tongs.

カメレオン 焼き肉 トング

The playful design is a cross between the chameleon’s tongue lashing out to kill its prey and the food-dispensing function of the tongs.

カメレオン 焼き肉 トング

Chameleon feet have a unique shape, don’t they?
The way it grips them with its two fingers? I can’t get over how cute it feels to grasp them with those two fingers.

カメレオン 焼き肉 トング

Delivered in clear case packaging.

There are others.

This week we have Chameleon Grilled Meat Tongs in stock, as well as products and deals from Awasaka and more!

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Side story

It is almost cherry blossom season.
The best place to see cherry blossoms in Mizunami is along the Toki River, near the City Hall.

Cherry blossom trees near Mizunami City Hall.

There are quite a few cherry trees along the Toki River in the direction of Ena.

The map shows ↓ like this. (This is approximately how it looks)

Cherry trees along the Toki River in Mizunami City.

It’s really nice to cycle through.



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