Sakura mini cutlery and 31 other new items now in stock.

Product Introduction

There are 31 new items this week.
Our recommendation is the WAGOKORO YOUJI SAKURA, as we are finally entering the cherry blossom season in earnest.

This week’s recommendation: WAGOKORO YOUJI, SAKURA.

They are toothpicks or mini forks with a cherry blossom motif.

和心 ようじ さくら

It comes in a hangable package.
Why not create a sense of the season with cherry blossom items?
This product is recommended for souvenir shops and parking area kiosks as well as general shops!

和心 ようじ さくら

In conjunction with this, since it is spring, how about some flower-related items?
This time, we have also prepared a set of single-flower vases.

 There are others.

A variety of additional set pieces are in stock this week.
Please consider them as gifts for your new life.

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