Kirakira Chilled Sake Set and 22 other new items are in stock now!


Sorry, I misunderstood the day of the week, today is Wednesday. My apologies. m(_ _)m
At Yamani, we have new items in stock every Tuesday.

This week’s recommendation is the Platinum Blue Cold Sake Cup Set, which has an impressive sparkling glaze.

This week’s recommendation: Platinum Blue Cold Sake Set

Sake cups decorated with glittering platinum blue. Perfect for sake.
When sake is poured, light reflects off the hexagonal wall surface, making it shine like a jewel.

プラチナブルー 冷酒器セット

Each piece is carefully crafted one by one by a craftsman using the “pressure casting” method. Please enjoy the unique texture of black clay.

プラチナブルー 冷酒器セット

プラチナブルー 冷酒器セット

To celebrate a special occasion.
As a token of appreciation for someone you care about.
To reward yourself for your hard work.

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This week we have 22 items in stock in addition to the Platinum Blue Cold Sake Set.
We also added a long plate to the Luca series!

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