Ichihara porcelain Pausa series and 35 other new items are in stock now!

Ichihara porcelain Pausa series Side story

Last month I went to Gero City (Gifu, Japan) expecting to see cherry blossoms, but it was already too late.
It was already too late!
Well, I knew that Mizunami City was all scattered.
But wouldn’t they be in bloom if we went to Gero City? It’s in the north, right?
I didn’t do my homework and went there, so I was disappointed.
But I was happy to be able to enjoy the hot spring. I’ll see you next year for the cherry blossoms……orz

Now, a new product this week.
We have 35 new items in stock including Pausa series by Ichihara Seito.

This week’s recommendation: Ichihara porcalian Pausa Series

市原製陶 ぱうさシリーズ

Why not take a break with modern Japanese-style mugs and small plates?

市原製陶 ぱうさシリーズ

Basic, unpretentious colors that soothe and calm.
The gentle, soft shapes are relaxing and soothing.
This is a modern Japanese lineup that you can use when you want to relax and take a break.

The material used is recycled ceramic clay Re20.
Of the ceramic clay, 20% is made from recycled material made by crushing collected tableware.
So Re20 is 20%, and the number is the percentage of recycled material included.
The sustainable nature of the Pausa series is one of its charms.

Other products

This week, 35 items from the Ichihara porcelain Pausa series and many more have arrived!

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Kogiso memory

This is the customary section looking back on last month’s Kogiso.


We start with the laundromat.
Why? Because the water pipe started leaking!

I went to check the water meter to see if this was a bad idea, but the water was spinning around and around. It wouldn’t stop.

I asked them to fix the water and it turned out to be alright.
Miwanenryou responded quickly and saved my life! Thank you very much.

A picture of participating in Secret Time Cafe’s Marche.
This year is their 10th anniversary.
I’ve known about it since it opened, but it’s been 10 years already!
I know it’s a little early, but congratulations on your 10th anniversary 😊.

The 2nd Tono Conference

This is a picture of the JCI’s Tono Conference.
It was a gathering of 5 LOMs from Nakatsugawa, Ena, Mizunami, Toki, and Tajimi Junior Chamber.
It was a very fun event with a wargame and a lot of socializing!
I could feel the power of young people in the Tono area.

Interior view of the second floor of the family home

And at the end of March, they were going to tear down the second floor of my parents’ building, so they hurriedly went to pull up their belongings.
This photo was taken after they had completely cleaned up, so it’s a bit messy. I spent my childhood in this room.

This is Kogiso in March.


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