Moroccan series and 31 other new items are in stock now!


September will be in its second half before we know it. How fast…….

This week we have 31 new items in stock, including the Moroccan series.
The Moroccan series is the tableware that often appears in the recently aired TV drama “Kocchi muiteyo Mukai-kun”.
Mino ware is appearing in the TV drama! and it has become a topic of conversation in the local area. Amazing!

This week’s recommendation: Moroccan Series

“Moroccan” has a lovely exotic atmosphere. The patterned pattern, which looks like a carpet, is eye-catching. This exotic series is perfect for curries filled with spices and colorful salads.


The distributor is Marusan Kondo Co.
The company is within walking distance from Yamani! This time, by chance, we have come to have a chance to deal in their products.


In addition to plates, the lineup also includes mugs and bowls.



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