Miyama’s new shape pots and 17 other new items are now in stock.

Product Introduction

It’s the last Tuesday in September… I thought it was Wednesday!
I was so careless that I got the day of the week wrong by one day!

I thought it was garbage day, so I went to the dumpster to take out the garbage…. There’s no garbage…
I got one day wrong!

So, new items this week.
We recommend the “Tyahaku Pot”.
We propose a new shape of pot.

This week’s recommendation: Tyahaku pot

The “Tyahaku” series of tea utensils, developed together with the tea merchant “Kikunozonoen” of the Japanese tea production area “Shirakawa Tea” in Gifu Prefecture, is designed to enjoy Japanese tea carefully but conveniently.
New 250cc size pots (white porcelain and blue-white porcelain) are now available to enjoy plenty of tea slowly!

The round shape of the pot convects tea leaves to bring out the best flavor of the tea.
The tea leaves can be washed off smoothly, making cleanup a breeze.
This is a tea container that is easy to use, yet allows you to enjoy tea properly.
The simple shape is suitable for both Japanese and Western teas, and is great for green tea, Chinese tea, and herbal tea.

The tea comes out of this gap.

Unlike regular tea pots that use a tea strainer, the first thing that is nice about this pot is that it has fewer parts.
And since there is no net-like structure, it is nice and easy to wash.

And there are more.

This week we also received 17 new items, including dish sponges.

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