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Product Introduction

I want to have real coffee at home, just like in a store!
I want to open a cafe, but can’t I get everything I need here?

We have compiled a list of recommended coffee items available at “Yamani” along with instructions on how to make authentic coffee.

Even beginners can do it!
How to brew real coffee & recommended items

The first step in brewing a good cup of coffee is to have a well-functioning set of tools.
Just by keeping a few tips in mind, you can make a much tastier coffee.
Please give it a try!

①Grind the beans by hand

The first step in brewing coffee is to grind the beans.
There are many products that automatically grind coffee beans, but if you are a serious coffee maker who wants to enjoy the process of brewing coffee, we recommend this machine. If you are a serious coffee maker, we recommend this one.

・Popolo Coffee Mill (Hand Mill)

The stainless steel gives this coffee mill a heavy feel.
The good thing is that it grinds beans at a low speed so that frictional heat is not generated and coffee beans do not oxidize easily.

・SALUS Suma Coffee Mill L

This is a coffee mill with a slim shape for easy storage.
It is convenient to easily take it outdoors as well as at home.

②Slowly steam beans

Next, prepare a dripper and filter, and place the ground beans into the dripper as flat as possible.
By flattening the beans, it is possible to steam the beans slowly and allow the hot water to flow through them evenly.

・[Gift in a Box] Bellows Flair Dripper & Holder

The corrugated shape of the dripper creates an ideal space between the dripper and filter for tasty brewing.

・Tapered paper filter for 1 cup, brown, 100 sheets/pack

This filter fits the Bellows Flair dripper above.

・cono Coffee dripper for 2-4 persons

This is a revolutionary product that allows you to enjoy drip coffee in a single machine.

③Pour hot water gently toward the center.

Once the beans are thoroughly steeped, pour gently in a circular motion toward the center.
(If you pour into the corner of the filter, you will not be able to fully extract the coffee components.)
The trick is to pour the hot water in 3 to 5 times.

・Fino Coffee Drip Pot 1.0L

The pot has a narrow spout for easy pouring and easy adjustment of hot water volume.

・Bellows Heat Resistant Glass Coffee Pot

A heat-resistant glass coffee pot that is easy to see inside when hot water is poured.

・Bellows Dripper Stand

If you are a serious person, we also recommend this one.
A cute dripper stand with a warm texture.

④Once brewed to the required amount, quickly remove the dripper.

Once you have brewed the coffee to the desired amount, quickly remove the dripper.
Be careful not to let the coffee drop all the way down to the end, as it may become eggy.
Enjoy the coffee before it cools down.

・Nordic Blue Deep Blue Coffee Cup & Saucer

A beautiful cup and saucer in a deep Nordic blue.
It is a mature color that goes well with bitter coffee.

・Suprem coffee cup & saucer, garnet

This cup and saucer has a shape designed to envelop the aroma of coffee in the cup.
You can enjoy the rich and intense aroma that fills the inner space of the cup as well as taste the coffee more deliciously.

・Shushu Grace Coffee Cup & Saucer

This series has an elegant and tasteful old-fashioned look like European antique furniture.
The fine relief and matte, delicate texture are very romantic.

How was it?

For those who would like to start making real coffee now, we have introduced tips on how to make real coffee and the lineup available at “Yamani”.

There are many more coffee items at “Yamani”. Please check them out!


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