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It is the first Tuesday in September. Let’s keep up the good work this month! Let’s go!

Now, new this week.
This week’s featured item is the Feine Coffee Cup & Saucer Deep Blue.

This week’s recommendation: FINE Coffee Cup & Saucer Deep Blue

This week we have so many coffee-related items that it’s hard to choose anymore.
Among them, I recommend the FINE Coffee Cup & Saucer Deep Blue.
It is my personal favorite.

フィーヌ コーヒーカップ&ソーサー ディープブルー

I like the chic blue color.
Also, the slightly angular shape of the handle makes it easy to hold.

Each of these cups can be stacked, so they are recommended for commercial use.

There are three types of shapes.

There is also a saucer to match, if you prefer!

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Side story

This week we have a section on what we were doing this time last year.


Just last year, today was the day I went to the Jumbo saltwater pool at Nagashima Spaland. I haven’t been able to go this year…
On the way home, we happened to learn that fireworks were going to be displayed and decided to watch them before going home.

Bird jealous of keyboard

Last year, Mocchi was jealous of the keyboard.

Instagram of the 2022 Yamani

Here is Yamani’s Instagram from last year.
I had 1,000 followers last year.
The number of followers on Yamani’s Instagram right now is 1533.
In one year, 533 people have followed us! Thank you very much.

I was taking a picture of a sata andagi when I was interrupted.

It’s like a summoner…

These are my memories of September 2022.


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