Various bargain tableware! 28 new items in stock!

Product Introduction

Cat meme videos are popular on TikTok and You Tube!
I planned to make a cat meme video with Mino ware to follow the boom, but I couldn’t think of anything in particular…
Although I tried my hand, it has ended in the tidying up of the material.

Now, more bargain tableware this week.
We recommend the 15cm Kofuki Seiryu bowl.

This week’s recommendation: 15cm Kofuki Seiryu bowl

These bowls are designed as you would find in any udon shop.


I really like this brush-eye design.


Made in Japan, bowl of Mino ware.
Manufactured in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.


 There are more.

Lots of good deals this week!
In all, 28 new items have arrived!

Side story

This section is for thinking back to what you were doing this time last year.

Matching poses

Last year was the city council election in Mizunami City.
Election poster and commemorative photo.

Car keys and batteries

He appeared to be trying to change the battery in his car key.

roll cake

A roll of cake that was given to us.

Health check breakfast

The breakfast that comes with the service when you go for a health check-up.
It’s almost that time of year again!

I didn’t have very interesting pictures, but that’s how it was in February 2023.


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