Simple design muddlers and 31 other new items in stock.

Product Introduction

It’s suddenly getting warmer. March is already just around the corner. Cherry blossom viewing season is finally here..!
Last year, I think the flowering was much earlier. How about this year?

Now, there are 31 new items this week.
We recommend the Round Muddler.

This week’s recommendation: Sato Kinzoku Kogyo SALUS Round Muddler.


Simple design muddler in stock!
The shape is cute, like an extended handle of a harpoon used in science experiments.

What’s it called… that thing you put on the upper balance. Yes! Weights! I remember it.

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I think it’s kind of cool that it stands on its own like this.


I like the design, which is not really a muddler.

 There are others.

31 new items have arrived this week, in addition to round muddlers.

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