New series ‘mimi’ and 12 other new items are now in stock.

Product Introduction

Well, February has started!
This February is a leap year.
Leap years are there to adjust for the fact that the Earth’s orbital period is about 365 days and 6 hours, even though the year is only 365 days long.
The next leap year will be in 2028.
Maybe it’s a good idea to have a leap year every four years and try to have some kind of event?
How I’m thinking about it, but February will be over before I know it!

Now, there are 12 new items this week.
This week we recommend the new series ‘mimi’.

This week’s recommendation: the ‘mimi’ series.


Flat plate with a dainty, dress-like rim in lovely, dark shades.
Place a teacup and sweets on top for a café-style tea set.


Use as an interior tray with candles and accessories.
These plates make a flattering accent in a room.


The reverse seal is double-named ‘Yamani’ and ‘Marushin Seito’!


To put my name on it, I had to make an original stamp, which was quite expensive. I was excited lol.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have your own shop’s seal on the back. (This can be done in production lots.)

There are others.

This week, 12 new items arrived, including the ‘mimi’ series and additional items such as a deep blue gift set.

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