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Product Introduction

It’s just before March, and it’s starting to feel a bit like spring these days.
I’m starting to feel a little hay fever.
I wonder what the pollen count will be like this year.

Now, there are 14 new items this week.
We recommend the Shinzangama Yamatsu ground_grip plate L.

This week’s recommendation: Shinzangama Yamatsu ground_grip plate L

晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip

This shallow plate is easy to use and essential for everyday cooking.
A 24 cm plate is a useful item for sharing with many people, pasta for one, or a L plate with an S bowl for a café style.

晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip

Tableware made from ground_grip recycled clay, and also from ‘recycled glazes’ that can be used to recycle the powder and shattered raw materials of the vessels. Tableware using recycled glazes, which can be recycled.
The slightly classical and simple shapes have a quiet artist’s quality due to the recycled glaze and the fluctuation of the shape caused by the water-glaze moulding.
(Porcelain: 20% recycled clay used, glaze: approx. 77% or more recycled material used).


晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip

晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip

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Side story

This week we look back at February.

Stuffed toy otchin.

I bought Pikmin 4 and when I was playing it I was struck by the cuteness of the Otchin.

PUDO stations installed at Drug Yutaka.

Looks like I have seen the PUDO station installed at Drug Yutaka.
I used it when I was shipping Mercari and it was very convenient. (Related articles.:PUDOステーションの空き状況を確認する方法

Matsumoto Castle in the snow

I saw Matsumoto Castle in the snow. It was cold but beautiful.

Mocchi sleeping on his hand.

Mocchi is also doing well. (He’s sleeping in the photo.)


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