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Last weekend was the day of the elementary school visit.
This is the last year for the elementary school as the older child is in the 6th grade.
Therefore, it was the last visit to the elementary school.

I was worried about whether he would be able to walk to school and whether he would be able to adjust to a different environment from kindergarten and his friends.
I still feel like a first grader because I have not grown taller yet, but I am deeply impressed by how much stronger I have become.

Now, new items for this week.
I recommend the “Kyyhkynen” series

This week’s recommendation: Kyyhkynen series

New Series.
These plates are designed for Kogiso, a bird lover. I want to use all kinds already!


The design of this tableware is based on a dove motif.


This is a pad printing process.
The slightly blurred outline of the pattern is cute and gentle.


Bird lovers and non-bird lovers alike, this one’s for you!


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I’ll post a photo from about 6 years ago now.

There was a lot of snow on the ground, but it doesn’t snow anymore.

Memories of making kamakura

I bought this bicycle for my birthday, and now that I’m in the sixth grade, it’s all grown smaller.

Under test operation

About 6 years ago in Yamani

Cherry blossoms about 6 years ago

Looking at old photos made me feel nostalgic.


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