New item arrival : Miyama. Luonto series and more

Miyama Luonto Series

Last weekend I had to spend the day alone, so I wondered what to do and went to Magomejuku.
Magomejuku is the southernmost of Kiso’s 11 inns in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
I enjoyed the changing scenery from late afternoon to night.

This week, we have 34 new items in stock, including the new “Luonto” series by Miyama.
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This week’s recommendation: Miyama Luonto Series

Ruonto means “nature” in the Fylandic language.
The naturally rounded vessels look as if they were made by human hands, and are decorated with colors inspired by Scandinavian sky patterns.

Miyama Luonto Series

Based on the concept of “something that can be produced naturally,” this series makes use of the “shading = taste that each vessel possesses” as it is.
Please enjoy the individual expressions and nuances of each piece.

Three colors are available.

Lumi White
A white porcelain vessel as white as the snow that falls in Scandinavia.

Miyama Luonto Series - Lumi white

Pilvinen Gray
A light gray with a hint of cloudy sky.

Miyama Luonto Series - pilvinen gray

Pale purple in the image of Finland’s polar night.

Miyama Luonto Series - kaamos purple

Both clear white and gentle gray have a nice atmosphere, but kermos purple is a recommended color for a color accent.
It is a fun color to have in table coordination.

Miyama Luonto Series

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We have 34 new items this week.

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This week Kogiso

So here we are at Magomejuku in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
This time, we decided to make it a photo trip.

Magomejuku in night

So I stayed until nighttime.
It was very cold.

I will write an article about Magomejuku as I would like to introduce it again. (I wonder when that will be…)
If you are in the area, please visit Magomejuku!


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