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It’s another Tuesday this week.
We have new products in stock at Yamani on Tuesdays.
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Now, new products this week.
This week’s featured product is the Recycled Glass Botella Oil Bottle Ripple.

This week’s recommendation: Recycled Glass Botella Oil Bottle Ripple

This recycled glass oil bottle has an impressive shape like a Japanese soda bottle.

リサイクルガラス ボテラオイルボトル リップル

The firmer shape is cute.

リサイクルガラス ボテラオイルボトル リップル

With cork cap.

リサイクルガラス ボテラオイルボトル リップル

It has a cute retro atmosphere.

This is a discontinued product and sold only while supplies last.

More items

This week, we also have some other bargain items and oddities such as tag stands.
In addition, a series of Fukayama-san’s copperplate transfers have arrived!
I would like to introduce these again.


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January is over.

Let’s look back at Daruma and January

Starting this year, I will look back on my month every month.
So here is Kogiso for January 2023.

Week 1: Shrines visited for Hatsumode


I go to this shrine every year.
I used to participate in special prayers, but I miss it now that they don’t do it anymore.

Week 2: Washing Mocchi’s swing

Mocchi’s swing during disinfection with boiling water

Sad memories of plastic parts inside deformed because the temperature of the hot water was too high.
In the end, I am using it as it is.
Mocchi is a lovebird in YAMANI.

Week 3: JCI Kyoto Conference





This was my first time to attend the Kyoto Conference. I was surprised to see so many people.

Week 4: I went skating with my son.

Skating in Gifu Japan

Memories of going to a skating rink in a neighboring town because only the younger of the two brothers wanted to skate.
I can see the difference in personalities between the siblings.

January flew by with an intense schedule… I hope to spend February in peace and quiet.
That’s all for January in Kogiso.


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