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Last weekend, my younger son went out alone to play with his friends.
I thought to myself, “He’s finally reached that age, even though he was so small.” At the same time, we talked about how inconvenient it would be to have a cell phone in such a case.

A cell phone for children would be convenient, but it would be hard to adjust and of course it would cost money every month… I guess I have to worry about that.

Now, this week’s new item is a colander.
Isn’t it a perfect item for the hot summer?

This week’s recommendation: Zaru tray

Nowadays, the uses for colanders are endless.

Zaru tray

The flat shape of the “Zaru Tray” makes it ideal for drying vegetables or putting soba noodles on, but it can also be used as a one-plate dish in a café by placing a small bowl or bean plate made of different materials such as glass or ceramic. It is also very cute to put fruits and vegetables on it.

Zaru tray

Various ways to use it depending on your ideas.
Why don’t you enjoy a cool and natural looking colander that makes you feel like you are in a café?

Zaru tray

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This week, we also started handling Chasen (tea whisk) since we have recently received more inquiries for Matcha bowls.

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Side story

lion dance

I wonder about cell phones for children.
I am thinking that it would be a tough decision since the monthly cost of about ¥1,000 for two people would be quite a large expense for a year.
However, I also feel that it would be a waste if they cannot communicate with their friends due to the lack of a cell phone.


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