We have 28 new items, including bargain bird pattern japanese tableware.


It’s another Tuesday this week.
We have new japanese tableware (MINOYAKI) products in stock every Tuesday at Yamani.
Come see us on Tuesdays!

Now, we have 28 new items this week.
We recommend the Aiyuzen chrysanthemum-shaped 23cm dish.

This week’s recommendation: Aiyuzen chrysanthemum-shaped 23cm dish

Filled with a small pattern in dyeing.
It is as gorgeous as a kimono and brings out the vivid colors of the food.

It is exactly like Kyoto’s yuzen dyeing, a “traditional beauty” that has remained unchanged and loved.

Why not enjoy cooking with Mino ware containing traditional Japanese patterns?

Other Japanese tableware

This week we also have some other bargain items in stock, as well as 28 items, including the Aiyuzen series with beautiful traditional Japanese patterns, a coffee dripper and holder set, chopsticks, and more.

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