This week we received 33 new items including reinforced magnetic japanese tableware with cute blue lines!


I recently buffeted at Mister Donut (a Japanese donut chain) because they were holding a donut buffet.
All-you-can-eat donuts! I was so excited to go to the donut buffet, but I found out that donuts make you fuller than you think.
I gave up after eating 7 doughnuts.
My son, who loves doughnuts and was determined to eat as many as he could, also gave up after the first try…doughnuts are to be feared.
Usually when I buy doughnuts, I only buy the ones I know something about, but I was glad to see the buffet so I could try some doughnuts I had never had before.

Now, there are 33 new items this week.
I recommend the Diaceram series, which is 3 to 4 times stronger than conventional ceramics.

This week’s recommendation: Dia Serum Series

ダイアセラム インディゴブルー

The fresh blue line is retro cute, just like a seaside restaurant.
This is an excellent series that combines basic shapes and functionality for ease of use.

ダイアセラム インディゴブルー


This Minoyaki ware is also strong and is used for commercial tableware and school lunch tableware.

ダイアセラム インディゴブルー


The beautiful coloring unique to Inglaze is also one of its charms.

ダイアセラム インディゴブルー

ダイアセラム インディゴブルー

Other japanese tableware

This week we also received 33 other items, including some bargain items and tableware with cute retro lines.


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Side story


Here is what the donut buffet looks like.
This is the first plate.
I gave up after the second plate, and left after 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes of fun.😭

It’s being held at Mister Donut.
Donut lovers, go to Mister Donut in Japan now!


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