Five tips from a potter on how to use ceramic dishes for a long time.


Ceramic dishes are beautiful and warm tableware, but they can break or chip if not handled with care.
Therefore, we would like to introduce five tips for using ceramic dishes for a long time, as recommended by a pottery shop.

Wood filling

Wood filling is the process of coating ceramic surfaces with rice water or flour, taking advantage of the small holes in the surface of the ceramic.
This prevents food stains and odors from seeping through.

This is only valid for ceramic tableware, which is water absorbent.
Porcelain tableware is not absorbent and does not need to be blinded.

Wash immediately after use

If left in the dishwasher after use, stains can stick and become difficult to remove.

In addition, leaving dishes to soak is a major enemy of water-absorbent ceramic tableware.
Avoid washing dishes on dishes that absorb water as much as possible, as water absorption may cause damage to the dishes.

Wash your hands

Dishwashers are very convenient, but they can be subject to shocks and sudden temperature changes.
We recommend that you wash your precious dishes by hand regardless of whether they are dishwasher-safe or not.

Use soft sponges.

にぎりやすい キッチンスポンジ ブルー やまに

Easy-to-nibble kitchen sponge

Use a soft sponge when washing.
Hard sponges and metal scrubbers can not only damage the surface, but also allow dirt to get into fine scratches.

Thoroughly dry

TRIP WARE during drying

Ceramic tableware absorbs water.
If not dried thoroughly, it can cause mold and odor.


These are five tips to make your ceramic dishes last longer.
By following these tips, you can keep your ceramic dishes beautiful and clean.
We hope you will find them useful.


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