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Product Introduction

There are 13 new items this week. We recommend the Scandinavian Blue Deep Blue Onigiri-shaped Lunch Plate.

This week’s recommendation: Scandinavian blue deep blue onigiri-shaped lunch plate

This lunch plate has a cute onigiri-like shape. Onigiri means rice ball. It has one divider.
Place mugs, mini bowls, and cocottes in the smaller areas to create a more café-like atmosphere.
It is a piece that can be used for breakfast, as a cake plate, as a serving plate, and for many other purposes.

北欧ブルー 深ブルー おにぎり形ランチプレート

Shape with a little depth.

北欧ブルー 深ブルー おにぎり形ランチプレート

This little divider comes in handy.

北欧ブルー 深ブルー おにぎり形ランチプレート

The reverse side is shaped for overlap and drainage.
It is good that water does not accumulate when washed in a dishwasher.
北欧ブルー 深ブルー おにぎり形ランチプレート

I’ve been with this lunch plate for a long time, and it may be the oldest in the mold in Yamani…?
This is the third time the manufacturer has changed.
The timing of the price increase of materials has also coincided with a large change in the top cost.
However, in order to continue to sell our products, we have no choice… We hope you will forgive us. m(_ _)m


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