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Last weekend I went camping for the first time in a long time. I haven’t gone camping at all this year. But I think I can go one more time before the end of the year. Planning a birthday extreme cold camp. I will be careful not to freeze to death.

Now, there are 37 new items this week. We recommend the “Flower Shears Hand Creation Moss Green”.

This week’s recommendation: Flower Shears Hand Creation Moss Green

花ばさみ ハンドクリエイション モスグリーン

Flower scissors.
We are a wholesaler of tableware, but we are gradually adjusting our business to include more gardening-related items.

花ばさみ ハンドクリエイション モスグリーン

The blades of the scissors are painted white for a cute look.

花ばさみ ハンドクリエイション モスグリーン

The handle is moss green. Made of resin. The Good Design Award logo is a sticker and can be removed.

花ばさみ ハンドクリエイション モスグリーン

This is what it looks like when you hold it.

花ばさみ ハンドクリエイション モスグリーン

Delivered in a box.

Stores that sell tableware and kitchenware while also selling plants are becoming popular. I feel that tableware and plants are a good sales match.


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It was great that we were able to go camping just as the leaves were changing colors! It was a very nice day.


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