New colours added to the CREASE series! 13 other new items in stock!

Product Introduction

There are 13 new items this week.
Recommended is Miyama crease pale cinnabar sand.

This week’s recommendation: the CREASE light cinnabar.

深山 crease 淡辰砂

A series of emotional contemporary vessels composed of randomly carved reliefs and loose circles that have naturally changed in the kiln.

深山 crease 淡辰砂

The at random line engravings on the entire front and back of the vessel, combined with the elongated form, create a dignified atmosphere.

深山 crease 淡辰砂

The warm, soothing purple colour gently brightens dishes in both Japanese and Western cuisines.
A colourful, well-balanced meal for good health.

There are others.

This week, 13 new items have arrived, including Miyama crease light cinnabar as well as red clay dishes!



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