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Various bargain items! 35 new items in stock!

It has been getting much hotter recently. It looks like the rain will continue from next week, so is the rainy season fi...
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Attractive old pattern! Oda Pottery 24 new items from the Kissho series are now in stock.

I bought a SUP the other day to take advantage of the sale. And then I realised that there is a place where you can play...
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Atelier FOLK design dishcloths and 34 other new items are now in stock.

There are 34 new items this week. We recommend the Atelier FOLK 5-ply kaya fabric dishcloth.
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Cute cheese shape! Miyama cheese series now in stock.

It is finally the last Tuesday in May. May is the closing month for Yamani, so it is a good time to look back at the yea...
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Deals for the first time in a long time! 13 new items in stock, including summery tableware!

I bought a SUP on impulse the other day. It was on sale and I wanted to be able to play with it when I go swimming in th...
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Seven new items have arrived, including works by potter Igarashi Tsutomu.

This week we have received works by Mizunami City potter Igarashi Tsutomu! In cooperation with a local potter active in ...
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New colours added to the Frustum series! 31 other new items in stock!

The long-awaited GW has gone in the blink of an eye. Once it's over, it's over fast. There were huge crowds in all the t...

How about a softly coloured single-flower vase as a Mother’s Day gift?

Mother's Day will soon be upon us. Normally, I would rather guide you to this kind of product mix! This time, I'm going ...
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New colours added to the CREASE series! 13 other new items in stock!

There are 13 new items this week. Recommended is Miyama crease pale cinnabar sand.
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Cute traditional patterns and dinosaurs! Edokko Dinosaur Series – 19 new items in stock!

In Mizunami City, the cherry blossoms were at their best from the weekend before last to last week and were very beautif...