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We recommend “Miyama Sonare White Kiln Transformation Glaze”.

This week’s recommendation: Miyama Sonare mug with white kiln glaze

深山(miyama.) sonare-ソナーレ- マグカップ 白窯変釉

This mug has a modern Scandinavian feel.
The deep indigo sea squirt glaze gives the inside of the vessel a unique depth.
The glimpse of stone grains on the white skin is the white kiln-altered glaze.
Both of these textures were traditionally loved as pottery.

北欧を思わせるモダンな雰囲気のマグカップです。 深い藍色の海鼠(なまこ)釉は内側に生まれる流紋は独特な深みを。 白い肌に石粒が垣間見えるのは白窯変(しろようへん)釉。 いずれもやきものとして伝統的に愛された質感です。

In addition to mugs, there are also plates.


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