Top 5 Popularity Ranking of Yamani Tableware (April 2023)


Before I knew it, April was over. This is Ogiso from Yamani.
This year, the cherry blossoms came and went in the blink of an eye, and I feel a little sad. I feel a little sad because GW has already ended.

Now, I’d like to announce the top 5 most popular tableware at Yamani in April 2023.
I wonder what kind of Mino ware was sold? Let’s take a look!

Popularity Ranking #1

2411076 Bodega 200 glass bowl

ボデガ200 ガラスボウル やまに

A cute little glass cup of modest size.
It is a standard item for general merchandise stores.

Popularity Ranking #2

4817134 [Boxed set of 2] Mt. Fuji Mugs Blue Fuji & Red Fuji Gift Set

【箱入り2個セット】富士山マグカップ 青富士&赤富士 ギフトセット やまに

Fuji motif on these Minoyaki mugs.
The pair set makes a great gift!

Popularity Ranking #3

78191032 TRIP WARE straight bowl 130 + lid 130 white glaze

TRIP WARE ストレートボウル130+フタ130 白釉 やまに

Sustainable TRIP WARE straight bowl 130 + 130 lid white glaze set made from 20% recycled materials.
The size is easy to put in the refrigerator.

Popularity Ranking #4

4015070 Inflight cutlery silver spoon

機内食カトラリー シルバー スプーン やまに

A spoon with a simple design inspired by in-flight meals.

Popularity Ranking #5

b1504016 Fuji 14.6cm medium bowl

富士山 14.6cm中鉢 やまに

Minoyaki medium bowl with Mt Fuji.
The POP design is cute.

Tableware Popularity Ranking Extra

It was outside the top 5, but I recommend it.

35192628 Miyama. pote-Pote dessert bowl, milky white

深山(miyama.) pote-ポテ- デザートボウル ミルキーホワイト やまに

The chubby form and smooth texture fit comfortably in your hand. It is a Minoyaki dessert bowl with a high pedestal.

It was a ranking of tableware popularity.

This was the Yamani tableware popularity ranking for April 2023.
We hope this helps you in your stocking and shopping 😊.


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