Miyama racca’s tableware and dishes to brighten up your daily table!

Side story

Miyama racca can be used casually for everyday dining and entertaining.

Miyama racca can be used casually for everyday dining and entertaining.

The creamy, glossy texture of the glaze gently enhances the food. The distinctive slender oval plate takes up little space on the table and is the perfect vessel for fish dishes or one-plate meals.

Miyama racca items come in 3 colors and 8 shapes

Miyama racca From left to right: White Porcelain / Milky Way / Mimosa Yellow

Miyama racca List of Shapes


Four types of oval vessels in different sizes of deep and shallow dishes.

The difference in depth of 7 to 10 mm is the key point ◎.

Left: Deep dish type for easy scooping of soupy dishes.

Right: Shallow dish type for easy serving.

Easy to fit in trays.

Example of use 1

31cm Poisson shallow dish

The tray measures approximately 35 cm (width) x 26 cm (depth) x 2 cm (height).

Example of use 2

The elongated oval plate can efficiently utilize space on the table.

Miyama racca Introduction of each item

① 31cm deep Poisson dish: for curry, pasta, fish and serving dishes.

In French, poisson = fish, and poisson plate means fish plate.

Deep dish type suitable for curry and soupy dishes. The sides of the bowl are designed to be easily scooped with a spoon.
A whole fish up to 27-28 cm in length can also be placed.

② 24cm deep Poisson dish: for side dishes and children’s curry dishes.

The smaller size (24cm) can be used for small side dishes or children’s curry dishes. As with the 31cm size, it is designed for easy scooping of soupy dishes.

③ 31cm Poisson shallow dish: one plate, fish dish.

One plate with several side dishes and a whole fish. This vessel is useful for caprese and other appetizer platters.

④ 24cm Poisson shallow dish: for fish, dessert dishes and serving dishes.

It is perfect for use as a dessert plate with cakes and pastries, or for filleted fish dishes. The 24cm size stacks well and takes up little space, and can also be used as a serving dish.

⑤ 15.5cm bowl : for udon, donburi, ramen.

Commercial bagged ramen and udon noodles can also be placed in it. The shape is easy for women and children to handle.

⑥ 19.5cm bowl: for salad and side dish bowls.

It blends well with a wide variety of dishes, both Japanese and Western, such as salads and side dish bowls. The wide base is perfect for curry and pasta.

⑦ Latte cups: for cafe lattes and soups.

Large capacity latte cup. Based on customer feedback, we aimed for a size between a coffee cup and a mug, with a capacity of 200 ml at the eighth filler. The large diameter can hold a large amount of soup.

⑧ Cafe Plate: for take-out plate and saucer.

Cafe plate that can also be used as a saucer. It is designed to allow a little room when set with a cup, so it can be used with cookies, bread, etc.

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