Appeared on J-WAVE “JAM THE PLANET” for an interview about TRIP WARE

Side story

On May 5, 2021, I appeared by phone on J-WAVE’s JAM THE PLANET radio program in Tokyo.
This is an interview about TRIP WARE, a depression made from recycled ceramic clay.

I will leave you with my impressions of the event and some additional information that I was unable to share with you.

Performance Details

Station name: J-WAVE
Program name: JAM THE PLANET
Corner name: Mitsubishi Corporation SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW
Performance time: May 5, 2021, 8:35 p.m. – about 5 minutes

It was a live phone call. I was so stiff under the pressure of the live performance.
Thank you to our navigator, Mr. Glover, and the staff of JAM THE PLANET!

Interview Contents

The interview is here. (Abridged)

Tell us about the naming of TRIP WARE.

The vessels that went from the Mino-yaki production area in Gifu prefecture to the consumers are revived as recycled tableware TRIP WARE after passing through time. We named the company TRIP WARE because we see this recycling flow or cycle as a journey.

Recycled tableware is very rare.

(I was too nervous to answer properly.)

Supplementary information: Recycled tableware products are still rare items with few varieties.

What is the ceramic recycling process like?

Unwanted tableware collected by cooperating municipalities and organizations is crushed into small pieces in a tableware crusher for recycled tableware. The clay is mixed with regular ceramic clay to make TRIP WARE.

Supplementary information: We recycle dishes that have actually been used and are no longer needed, not defective products from the place of production.

Why did you start recycling ceramics?

It all started with a discussion of ceramic clay, the material from which it is made. Pottery clay is a limited resource that can take a very long time to produce, and we are talking about episodes dating back 5 million years.
It is a material that requires a very, very long time to produce, so you can’t just prepare potter’s clay because you want to make tableware. And, once fired, tableware is in a state where it is difficult to return to nature even if it is crushed and landfilled.

Supplementary information: We started recycling ceramics out of a desire to make gentle vessels that make effective use of precious resources and have a positive impact on nature.
Please see the Ceramic Valley MINO video for the ceramic clay episode.

What were some of the difficulties in recycling ceramics?

It was also difficult to set up a system because we had never had a system for making recycled tableware before, and because it was a new material, our existing know-how was not applicable. For example, the glaze is also adjusted for TRIP WARE.
In addition, from a cost standpoint, it was also very difficult to keep product prices down, since costs are inevitably incurred that are different from normal production methods.

Who would you like to see use TRIP WARE?

We hope that many people will use this TRIP WARE tableware because it is made with the cooperation of many people. Also, changing the tableware can really change the atmosphere of your home. I think people will enjoy this a lot, and I would like to challenge people who have never cared about tableware before to try it and pick it up.

The part I didn’t get to tell you about.

I have already included a supplement, but this is the part I could not tell you about during the program.

Design Ideas

The design is not only based on the concept of being environmentally friendly, but also aims to be user-friendly.

Yoshita Handcraft Design Office designed this product. The shape is convenient for daily use; for example, all items can be stacked for storage, and the plate can be used as a container without using plastic wrap since it can also be used as a lid.

Impressions of the performance

From the moment you contacted me, I was nervous from start to finish. I was wrong about the broadcast time at first, I was wrong about 12 hours ago.
Of course, I was contacted before the broadcast date, so I was very nervous as the day approached. After all, it’s a live performance… Any blunder will be broadcast as it is.

I was also very nervous on the day of the event, and although I tried to speak slowly because it would be difficult to be heard, I was under pressure to speak in about five minutes, so I was in a hurry and struggling to speak.
Thank you very much, Mr. Grover. I am extremely happy to be able to reply to you on Twitter! It was a memory I will never forget.

TRIP WARE Information

TRIP WARE, which was interviewed, is now on sale to rave reviews. Recently, we have also had cases where we have been introduced as part of the SDGs.
We also do wholesale and mail order, so please take a look.

Here is a list of recommendations.

Click here to see the TRIP WARE list.


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