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Last week I went to Fukuoka.
It was a joint study trip with local ceramic industry people.

In addition to people from Mino ware, there were also people from Seto and Tokoname, and many of us were involved in the ceramic industry.
It was fun to have a lively training.

Now, new Japanese tableware this week.
We have brought in a lot of cups and saucers for you coffee lovers!

This week’s recommendation: Carole Series

The coffee series is thick, chunky, and calmly colored.


The thick body feels secure when you hold it.
Also, the body retains heat, so it is nice that the coffee does not get cold easily.


Various shapes are available.

More Japanese tableware minoyaki

This week we got quite a few cups and saucers from the Carole series.
In addition, we also have some bargain items and Sichita sets in stock!

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Wholesale for oversea

Side story

This is ARITA CERA in Saga pref, Japan.


It was a fashionable spot with many Arita-yaki porcelain shops.
All the stores were very stylish and I felt the power of the production area.


I wish I could open such a stylish store too.


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