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Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, where Yamani is located, is now in the cherry blossom season.
The rows of cherry trees along the Toki River are at their best.
I must go see them before they fall!

Now, I would like to recommend a new product this week, “fam. colorful chopsticks.

This week’s recommendation: fam. colorful chopsticks

fam. colorful chopsticks

A perfect match for family time. Japanese chopsticks in calm colors.

fam. カラフルお箸
Enjoy deciding on your own color with your family and friends.
Add a little color to your dining table.

fam. カラフルお箸

The tip is non-slip and rough to the touch.

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Cherry blossoms are at their best in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Cherry blossom trees in Mizunami City (2022)

This is a row of cherry trees on the opposite bank of the Mizunami City Cultural Center.


View toward Ena along the Toki River

I guess the cherry blossoms will be over in no time this year.
I have to go see them soon.


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