Special feature on gardening items to “add color to your table or garden!”


Hello! This is Yamani.

Yamani used to specialize in tableware, but has recently started handling gardening items such as vases and planters.

This is because the number of kilns in the Mino ware production area where we live that handle these items has been increasing recently.
Matching vases from the same series or manufacturer as the tableware will create a sense of unity in color and texture and enhance the room’s interior.

In this issue, we will also introduce some vessels that are great to use with those vases, planters, and other gardening items.

Oda pottery Sazanami flower vase, blue-gray

The delicate relief of the traditional Shinogi pattern on this gorgeous vessel gently decorates the table.
The size is easy to hold mini bouquets, etc., and can be used as a single-flower vase or a vase of flowers.

Oda pottery 花色”Hanairo” Bordered vase

小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 フラワーベース グレーマット やまに

This playful vase has a white line with the glaze peeled off the rim, giving it the appearance of a flat surface.

Unlike round vases, these vases can be stacked horizontally when not in use, making them convenient for storage.

↓This is also tableware from the same manufacturer.

Oda pottery “MINORe” Mug M (with a handle)  olive

小田陶器 MINORe(みのり) マグカップM(手付き) オリーブ やまに

Shinzangama Yamatsu ground vase [Crunch]

晋山窯ヤマツ ground vase S 200 [Crunch] (高さ:20cm) やまに

The Crunch series has created a unique new look by daring to roughly crush and mix recycled ceramics and porcelain.
The functional and simple form brings out the essence of the clay more. These are environmentally friendly vases made of an eco-friendly material called recycled clay.

It is made by mixing and kneading raw clay before firing or crushed unused vessels.
This series uses a combined 20% of this soil.

Planter type is also available.

Shinzangama Yamatsu ground grip [Crunch] planter set

晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip [Crunch] プランターセット M グレー やまに

Recommended items to use together…

Shinzangama Yamatsu ground_grip mug [Crunch]

晋山窯ヤマツ ground_grip [Crunch] スタックマグカップ ホワイト やまに

Shinzangama Yamatsu Frustum vase for one flower

晋山窯ヤマツ Frustum 一輪挿し 黒釉 やまに

Frustum is a tea ware with a refined design for modern life to rediscover the goodness of tea.
In this day and age when the dining room is a place for relaxation, we have lined up single-flower vases as a type of tea ceremony utensil.
Frustum’s unique shape of overlapping conical bases makes the tabletop more festive than usual.

Shinzangama Yamatsu Frustum earthenware teapot (Brass Cranes)

晋山窯ヤマツ Frustum 土瓶 素焼釉 (真鍮ツル) やまに

 miyama. plant pot

深山(miyama.) plant pot-プラントポット-L ブラウンマット やまに

Place the encounter in your room as it is.
It turns time with your favorite plants, which are easy to grow indoors, into something a little new.

【Natural unity with the same manufacturer】

miyama. bico – Coffee Cup & Saucer

深山(miyama.) bico-ビコ- コーヒーカップ&ソーサー カラメルブラウン やまに

miyama. pots – mini navy blue

深山(miyama.) pots-ポッツ- いれものミニ 紺/インクブルー やまに

The shades of color created by the overlapping of colors are reflected on the entire surface of the vessels.
This pottery is characterized by its lovely rounded form. This vessel allows you to feel its charm close at hand.

深山(miyama.) pots-ポッツ- いれもの 紺/飴 やまに

【Natural unity with the same manufacturer】

miyama. casane te-

深山(miyama.) casane te-かさね茶器- 茶たく(小皿) 淡呉須 やまに

Other Gardening Tools

Malmo Jolo

マルメ ジョーロ S やまに

Here’s a slightly more stylish shape↓

SALUS Mitte atomizer stainless steel 300ml

SALUS ミッテ 霧吹き ステンレス 300ml やまに

These are the featured gardening items

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit with us and take an interest in both tableware and gardening supplies.


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