Dishes that do not collect water in the back『Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate』【Convenient in dishwasher】


Hello! this is Yamani.

In this issue, we introduce the functionality of the tableware. The spotlight will be on the “Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate,” a vessel with particularly good drainage.

Have you ever looked at the back side of a vessel, called “hama”?

Have you ever taken a good look at the underside of your tableware? Tableware generally has a round foot-like object called a hama (also known as a “thread bottom” or “thread cutter”).

This is for manufacturing reasons, such as to prevent sticking to shelves during firing. This hama is a necessary device for mass production of vessels, but it can be a bit troublesome for us, the users.

Water accumulated in the “hama” is hard to dry out…

I use a dishwasher at home, and when I put the dishes back in the cupboard after drying, I often accidentally get water left in the “hama” (usually at the expense of my socks, lol).

Dishes that are high on the “hama” tend to collect water and sometimes cannot be dried in the dishwasher.

Flat “hama” shape to prevent water accumulation

The good thing about this “Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate” is that this “hama” is flat and does not hold water at all. Therefore, it drains well and dries quickly, making it hygienic and safe to use. When washed in the dishwasher, water does not accumulate on the back.

The “myiyama.” logo is gently placed in the center of the hamas.

Flat “hama” for compact storage

Comparison of a stacked ” Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate” (left) and a stacked ordinary plate (right). The flat “hama” make them very compact when stacked for storage.

Smooth and durable white porcelain clay

Manufactured from white porcelain clay with high glass content, it has excellent durability despite its thin and compact appearance. The surface is smooth and can be used cleanly for a long time.

Nordic blue with deep, deep blue color

The vessel is thin and functional, but its deep blue hue gives it a luxurious look. It is covered with a glaze called “namako glaze,” which has a beautiful fluid pattern.

Each piece has a slightly different color expression, and the rusted edges are deeply tasteful.

Dishes that go well with deep blue

Blue has an image of being a color that reduces appetite, but in fact, as a background for food, it has the effect of making food stand out like a painting.
Vivid shades of blue are especially well suited to blue.

Among them, warm colors are the “complementary” (opposite) colors of blue, so they are beautiful to look at, and the color scheme will be well-balanced and cohesive.

If you are interested in ” Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate”, click here.↓

Other… “Nordic Blue Deep Blue Lunch Plate” that drains well.

Yamani also has other lunch plates made by the same manufacturer (miyama.) and with the same glaze (namako glaze).

北欧ブルー 深ブルー ランチプレート やまに

The shape of the “hama” is ingeniously designed to prevent water from pooling.

北欧ブルー 深ブルー ランチプレート やまに

It was ” Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate,” tableware that does not collect water on the back.

The ” Nordic Blue Deep Blue Plate” is a vessel that considers “drainage”. I would be happy to help you have a simple and pleasant time.


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