Pale pink is cute! 10 new items of suzune series are now in stock!

Product Introduction

Last weekend was the national convention of the Junior Chamber of Japan.
It was a long way to Oita Prefecture, but I went!
It had been a while since I had been to Oita Prefecture, and last time the weather was so bad and the fog so thick that I had no idea what the city looked like, but this time I was blessed with good weather and was able to finally see Beppu in its entirety, making for an enjoyable trip.

This week’s recommendation: Miayma Suzune series, peach glaze

miayma suzuneシリーズ 桃釉

This series is based on the traditional pottery modeling “Rinka” and is decorated with fine line engravings.
We offer a variety of items designed for ease of use and for daily living.

Peach glaze” feels like spring.
The somewhat dainty colors and shape warm up the dining table every day.

It is a versatile shape that can be used for making tea, small bowls, or dessert cups.

miayma suzuneシリーズ 桃釉

The reverse side is back marked.
miayma suzuneシリーズ 桃釉

The light pink color has a springtime feel, but it is also cute for everyday use.


Another Story

Went to Oita Prefecture for the national convention of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Japan.

Near Fukuoka Airport.

I went from Komaki Airport to Fukuoka Airport. I almost missed my flight at the very last minute because I was so spoiled by the proximity of Komaki Airport.

Yakitori I ate in Fukuoka.

I don’t remember what part of the meat this was, but it was delicious!

hell on earth.

This is the Sea Hell in Beppu.
The last time I was here, it was raining and foggy, so I couldn’t tell if it was steam or mist. I think this was the first time I could see it properly.

JCI National Convention Showa Denko Dome.

This is the venue for the ceremony.
I didn’t get into the picture, but there were a lot of JYK people coming to the left and right.

Fireworks to celebrate graduation.

What a fireworks display at the end!
We were celebrating the beginning of the graduating class.

Congratulations to all JCI Japan alumni across the country on your graduation.


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