Five new items have arrived, including a dish with an impressive comb pattern.

Product Introduction

Well, now it is October.
The year 2022 has flown by so far. Only 3 months to go. Let’s keep up the good work! Now, we recommend a new product this week, the 21.5cm comb-pattern white flat dish.

This week’s recommendation: 21.5cm comb-pattern white flat dish

This Japanese dish has an impressive comb design.

The monochrome color and flat shape of this comb dish are simple and beautiful.
For salads and serving plates.


It has a relatively flat shape.


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Side story

I really want to get the M1 Macbook Pro, but rumor has it that the M2 MacBook Pro will be released in October, so I’m waiting to see how it goes.


If you go through the trouble, why not get the M2… but considering the MacBook Air, the M2 would be priced higher than the M1. Then my wallet will not be able to catch up a bit, so I may have to do without it again… No, no, no… I wonder if the price of the M1 will drop when the M2 is released? I am waiting to see if the price of M1 will drop when M2 is released. I think that M2 MacBook Air would be fine.


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