14 new items are now in stock, including the new shape of the Miyama suzune series and bargain items.

Product Introduction

Last weekend was an adult soccer tournament. Both my legs are sore and my muscles are very sore.

Now, new items this week. miyama. suzune series and 14 other items are in stock now!

This week’s recommendation: Miyama suzune series

Continuing from last week, the Miyama suzune series. New shapes of white and green celadon porcelain were added this week.

miyama. suzuneシリーズ

Newly added shapes

  1. bowl used for serving rice
  2. teacup
  3. chopstick rest
  4. serving bowl

These are the four shapes.

This item shows the delicate design unique to Miyama.miyama. suzuneシリーズ

The detailed expression of the reliefs is never boring to look at.

It is hard to tell from the single item photo, but the chopstick rest is small, yet so detailed and well-made that it looks like a miniature dish.

miyama. suzune 箸置き

I thought it would be perfect for Mocchi’s plate….


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Another story

Sorry for the many JCI events recently, but last weekend was the JCI Gifu Block Council Soccer Tournament in Kakamigahara.

The weather was perfect for soccer. We, Mizunami JC, participated as a joint team with Tajimi JC.

The venue, Kakamigahara Sports Park, is a very nice place that I had visited by bicycle before.

There is also a campground, so I had hoped to come here once to camp, and I never thought that the day would come when I could play soccer here.


I would be very happy to see a place like this in Mizunami.

Thank you to Kakamigahara JC for setting up the event and for an enjoyable soccer tournament.


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