Cutlery rests that look like paperweights and 10 other new items are now in stock!

Product Introduction

Last week was the field day. Finally, the type of athletic event that you can actually go see is back! Last year it was live on You Tube. The weather was perfect for a field day.

Now, there are 10 new items this week. We recommend the Lava Stone Cutlery Rest, which looks like a paperweight but is somehow stylish.

This week’s recommendation: Lava Stone Cutlery Rest

This is a heavy cutlery rest.

ラヴァストーン レスト

A type of cutlery rest made of stainless steel material cut into pieces, so it feels like a paperweight when you hold it.
But there is something fashionable about the ruggedness of it.

ラヴァストーン カトラリーレスト L(100×15×15mm)

Two sizes, L and S. The lengths are different.

ラヴァストーン カトラリーレスト S

ラヴァストーン カトラリーレスト S(80×15×15mm)

並べて置くとかわいいラヴァストーン カトラリーレスト

It is a cutlery rest project, but it can also be used as a paperweight…or a paperweight for that matter.


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Another story

Thank you for your hard work on the field day.


I can’t post a picture of the children, so here is a picture of the sky. It was a beautiful day.


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