New shapes and 26 other new items have arrived in Nagomi Japanese cutlery!

Product Introduction

Due to business reasons, the arrival of new products has been delayed by one day… Sorry! m(_ _)m
This week’s new product is a new shape for the Nagomi Hammered Japanese Cutlery, which has a distinctive hammered surface.

This week’s recommendation: Nagomi Japanese cutlery series

A series of Japanese-style cutlery with beautiful hammered marks. The design is perfect for Japanese-style menus, but surprisingly it also goes well with Western-style menus. This cutlery has a stately design.


The Nagomi Japanese cutlery series, which has been a lineup of dessert spoons and forks, has added a new shape to the lineup.


At first glance, the design looks Japanese, but it surprisingly goes well with Western menus. Give it a try.

There are so many more shapes!

There are more.

Other items in stock this week include Miyama’s Tanigawa-dake (谷川岳) series.

And we’ve got some great deals in there, too!

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