Introducing the “Re – Dishware” lineup


「We want to preserve precious natural resources for the future and create a cycle of environmentally friendly tableware…」

Re – Dishware was created with this in mind by a Mino ware producer.

Re – Dishware is recycled tableware made from “recycled clay” that is made by collecting and pulverizing unwanted or used tableware and kneading 20% to 50% of the material into conventional clay.
Recently, it has also attracted orders as an SDGs-related item.

In this issue, we will introduce five of these “Re – Dishware” series, each of which is full of design.

①TRIP WARE 「Trip ware – Traveling Vessels 」

Once it leaves the kiln, it is used at the table and returns again in time. The name “Trip ware” was derived from this image.

“Meal times are out of sync with family.” “Make more for tomorrow’s side dish, etc…”

There are many situations in which you may want a storage container.

It was designed as a vessel that can be used as both a tableware and storage container for such occasions.

This TRIP WARE is planned and designed by Yoshita Handi – Design Studio, which produces sophisticated kitchen tools and other products.



Vegetables grown in the soil are served in vessels made of soil.

Vegetables can be returned to nature, but vessels cannot.

Therefore, we want you to feel the warmth of the soil and use it carefully and cherish it. MINORe was born in the Mino ware production area with such thoughts carefully put into shape.

In 2011, Oda Pottery succeeded in increasing the ratio of unwanted tableware from 20% (Re20) to 50% (Re50). They have successfully commercialized Re50.


This series has a beautiful, delicate relief pattern. Japanese and Western, retro and modern, are fused together in this colorful and beautiful design.

The shapes include items used on the table, such as rice bowls and salad bowls, as well as incense holders, pen holders, and other items useful in various life situations, and are available in a wide variety of colors.


The word “emerge” means “to appear. The technique used is one that reveals the bare fabric through the glaze, valuing the unique texture that only reclaimed clay can provide.

Patterns inspired by textiles from various countries are nostalgic and comforting. Look, touch, and enjoy the gentle warmth of recycled clay.

I especially like the design of this Forest (Poland) bird!

⑤Bark of a tree

This flat plate expresses the natural and sustainable atmosphere of “Re – dishware”. It looks like it could be used for both Japanese and Western cuisine.

This design is based on a real tree. The rough, rustic texture is quaint….

This is the lineup of Re-Dishware.

What did you think of the Re-Dishware lineup?

Re-dishware” is an environmentally friendly recycled clay tableware developed to preserve precious natural resources for the future. Surprisingly, there are many shapes, color variations, and applications.

I am glad to see that this recycled tableware initiative, which started in 1997 at GL21, is also gaining interest as an SDGs initiative in recent years.

We hope you will enjoy choosing from a variety of “Re – Dishware” to suit your lifestyle and make your daily life more vibrant and sustainable.


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